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    Scalemodelmedic's Staghound

    gorgeus indeed....that's a real beauty
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    Contest crazyness, Jeep's Model

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    6 hour build

    Maaan...6 hours?!? depends on the result you want to achieve. The fastest model I made, if model can be called, was the hasegawa EGG plane for the eggztravaganza contest here at SMA but I manage to make it in 8 hours. I believe you have to cut some essential processes you are used to...
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    What type of putty is this (URGENT)

    I really don't know the name of it...I think it's a putty from Gaia or the brand called (i guess) Finishing products for professional (that also makes great paints BTW) or something,but in the end use the tamiya one and you'll be doing great. You can use the Gunze harder one which work a bit...
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    The Xwing Fighter

    Great've done a marathon of modelling!!! No worries about the deadline not reached, you've made the right decision, if you would have screwed it up it would have been a 6 months "screwed up work" and that would have been reaaaally bad... Great job indeed considering the rush, the...
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    Hobby boss STRV-122

    mighty fine dude! great job...the weathering looks great!!! Cheers
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    u.s. multible gun motor carriage m16

    looks great indeed!!! love it Cheers
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    Lost my man cave. . .

    movin the post under the say-hello section... Cheers
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    My first WW1 build

    Great job!!! but this gotta go under the "whatcha built" gonna find it there! Cheers
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    How do you take spray paint off canopy windows??? Plz help..I biffed it.

    Hey dude... what icek said but I must admit I tried once with enamel and worked great!!! Just take a cotton swab, those with the strongest tip you can find and dip it in the most gentle thinner you can find for enamel....go "scratch" the part where you have the unwanted paint,then take the...
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    U.S. Navy SNJ

    Movin the topic to the "whatcha built section" Cheers and nice job!
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    Tamiya Paint

    Hey Capt!!! I've always used let's say 70% thinner 30% color and spray at 15 psi with either the 0.2 or 0.3mm airbrush. I can go also on 80-20 but that's if I only wnat the 100% control of what I do or if I wanna do mottling and postshading. 60-40 or 70-30 work mighty fine dude!!!! Cheers...
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    What's Your Avatar?

    Sorry guys...this topic belongs to the general discussions so I'm puttin it on the "chit chat" section Cheers
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    About primer

    Dude, I have no problem at all importing Mr. Color paints. I know that is a problem only if you live in England but that's all!!! I had never a prob... Cheers