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  1. Ian

    Art of Modelling iOS app?

    Does anyone happen to use the iOS "Art of Modelling" app? And if so, do you have copies of Issue 37 and 38? I know the app seems to be dead, but I'm working on a way to 'archive' previous digital issues. :)
  2. Ian

    Making decals

    Suggestions for high quality decal paper?
  3. Ian

    Jeep Willys MP (Tamiya 1/35)

    Just a little detail I added. Wanted something different back there.
  4. Ian

    Jeep Willys MP (Tamiya 1/35)

    Thanks, Uru!
  5. Ian

    Jeep Willys MP (Tamiya 1/35)

    Thanks guys!
  6. Ian

    Jeep Willys MP (Tamiya 1/35)

    Took its time but it's finally done. This was a PE learning experience for me.
  7. Ian


    Darn, I should have submitted mine!
  8. Ian

    LRDG Jeep, 1:35 - in progress

    I working on the same kit as we speak... and you are WAY ahead of me! Colors look amazing.
  9. Ian

    Bandai AT-ST vs AMT ETRL

    Yup, it was pretty brutal building that AMT version! Maybe I'll do a second dio using the Bandai.
  10. Ian

    Bandai AT-ST

    Why the heck did I build that MPC kit?!?! This looks a million times better. :-)
  11. Ian

    Blade Runner model shop photos

    So amazing.
  12. Ian

    MPC AT-ST or Making a Silk Purse From a Sow's Ear

    Thanks! You're off to a great start.
  13. Ian

    MPC AT-ST or Making a Silk Purse From a Sow's Ear

    It's a pretty basic kit, as you know, so best of luck. Here's my Evernote notebook with image reference if you need it.
  14. Ian

    Bunker Endor

    Yeah, that's great. It's what I had planned for this guy, but didn't get very far.,11741.msg182933.html#new
  15. Ian

    AT-ST at the shield generator bunker

    Thank you, folks!