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    Big Kitty - Tamiya's Leo 2A6

    when i built mine years ago it only took one rattlecan to paint it. and the finish took alot of abuse. On the construction side of things dont overtighten the suspension swin arm mount screws. even the slightest overtightening will cause the ABS to split rendering the arm unuseable. Use the...
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    Oddball armor subjects

    Any of the french wheeled vehicles from modern times could be oddball. not many mainstream kits of any decent quality out there. AML-90 ECR-90 AMX10 and others. There are kits but not commonly done and greatly ignored.
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    Kronos One reference pics?

    even more Keep in mind alot of detail changes were made from the standard filming model used in TMP I dont mean just adding the photoetching but alot of the greeblies on the hull were swapped out or removed.
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    Kronos One reference pics?
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    Oshkosh M977 HEMTT GUNTRUCK

    thanks scott! And here is the reward! [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Oshkosh M977 HEMTT GUNTRUCK

    still suffers from PB bandwidth dropout due to too much viewing. Im not about to pay PB either.
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    Oshkosh M977 HEMTT GUNTRUCK

    yeah thats becoming a pain in the rear too. I like the ability to direct load my images. that way theres no bandwidth or timeout limits from the hosting site. I just love going to find a picture of something only to have it be deleted or moved from photobucket. I also hate link chasing and dont...
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    Oshkosh M977 HEMTT GUNTRUCK

    ok im mad now im trying to update this post but i keep getting upload file folder full errors. My images fit within the system set rules for size and dimensions.
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    Meng Pickup

    Get the lead out Scott! You hoser!
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    Little known German WWII secret

    While the video is a gag the Bug was indeed developed in the 30s and used by german forces in WW2. It wasnt made in as large numbers as the kubel but it was there.
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    Meng Pickup

    Your T-72 has the older 6 spoke wheels oin it . If its the tamiya kit it most likely was based on an east german or other export variant of the T-72. The one in the pics has newer 8 lug wheels. Another reason id go T-62 is that there are cheaper kits out there made by Esci and rereleased by...
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    Meng Pickup

    A T-62 would be more appropriate.
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    Dragon - Sd.Kfz. 234/4

    Berore you go into final weathering and painting on the mufflers you should really fix /remove the mold seams on them by the exhaust pipe.
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    Oshkosh M977 HEMTT GUNTRUCK

    Wouldnt be too difficult in 1/35. Question is how far do you want to detail the initial cargo truck. all the other stuff is add on. I also believe there is a german company that makes a conversion as well.
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    Oshkosh M977 HEMTT GUNTRUCK

    a few more! [attachment deleted by admin]