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    Sci fi modeling references

    Here's my collection of reference pics I've found around the internet
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    Bandai Star Destroyer: Lighted version

    Grendels, from your experience building the kit, did you have any impression that the kit could be built without lights?
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    Top heavy AT-ST

    I'll just be cementing the feet to the base and try my hand at doing mud and leaves and grass.
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    I'm out of the hobby

    Overreacting to what I felt was a crisis at the time. Anxiety can get the best of you sometimes. I've read all of your posts and I'll take them all to heart. Way to make a new guy feel welcome! You guys rock!
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    I'm out of the hobby

    It's been years since I picked up a model and I wanted to get back into it. I got three or four kits for Christmas and have been working on them and they've been coming out....ok. Just ok. Last night I was laying down those horrible wallpaper decals on he Refit Enterprise and I used Vallejo...
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    Top heavy AT-ST

    Nearly done with my Bandai AT-ST but the thing is very top heavy. Any fixes that anyone's aware of?
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    W2b: Polar Lights Robby the Robot.

    It'll be a gift for myself for my birthday next month. Reasonably priced
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    Future Bandai releases?

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    Future Bandai releases?

    How do you find out what Bandai has in the pipeline? I'm hoping they do an Imperial probe droid.
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    Hi there, I'm Mike. I build mostly science fiction models like Star Wars and Star Trek. Happy to be here!