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    The knowledge gained from building planes

    Norm's human element comment is so true. I do a lot of writing and I sometimes post aviation related stories on What If Modelers. I write not about the aircraft, but the human part of the story. The aircraft serve as the backdrop to the story...
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    Hasegawa 48 scale Draken

    I am inspired for sure. I have the same kit and we're having a 1 month strict OOB group build at the Halifax Military Modelers Group. I may have to root about my stash and find it. I love your work dude!
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    The knowledge gained from building planes

    That the RCAF didn't want the Arrow. They got so fed up with Crawford Gorden's refusal to listen to them about their concerns and needs that asked Defenbaker to scrap the project LONG before the axe finally fell. Among the concerns the Airforce had, the Arrow was a pure straight line...
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    Your Starter Kit on a Budget

    You know... this is a great senario for a contest. Everyone pitches in a set amount of cash and receives the same kit in their area of building preference. Tanks to tankers, winged things to wing nuts and so on. All is unknown until the start date when the stuff is mass mailed to all. During the...
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    Learning in Scale Modeling

    Patience. There is a sense of relaxation when I build that eases tension and this is a result of practiced patience. Needed in both build and completing models, but also in my relationship with the other two legged meat bags that walk this planet. Now if I could teach people to be patient with...
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    Your most wanted Plane Kit...

    Well now that we're getting her, an up to date accurate CF-35. The old Italari and Panda kits are based on test aircraft and are no where near accurate.
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    Nice Contest

    This has been simply the best online contest I have ever seen. First the prizes are totally amazing! Second, the fairness and even ground for the rules. Well done Scott The level of participation is amazing. The quality of participation is even more amazing! Scott, three cheers for you dude
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    AFV Club Dodge command car

    OK Buddy... Now hear this. I am seriously cranky at you for making me want to do a thing without wings! I really really loved this series of videos and have learned so much! I've now gone out and located a few military vehicles and I am gonna dabble. In maybe 20 years I may have an ounce of your...
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    Ford Tfc 1/35

    You can almost hear the chug chug chug Really nicely done. It looks so right
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    Moebius Space Pod from Lost in Space

    Saaaaaaaweeeeet!!! I Love It!
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    N.S.E.A Protector

    By the Hammer of ... of... Oh crap, I can't remember the line. That's amazing!
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    Space 1999 Eagle

    I would like to apologize to ya'll for my total wipe out on the Eagle. I had no idea that white metal was so difficult. I've gone through three sets of "diamond" tipped grinder tips. about 20 in a package, from Princess Auto, I have managed to clean out only the cages that surround the front and...
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    Scalemodelmedic's Staghound

    That babe is a beauty!
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    Space 1999 Eagle

    It is official... I don't have the skill sets to work with this model. So far, I have spent about 10 hours on the white metal casting of the frames that hold the utility portions of the Eagle. And total net result... 2 1/2 plus I have ruined my microfiles that actually fit in the holes. The...
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    N.S.E.A Protector

    Wow, and I thought a Mohawk grenade was cool! Again... I am learning from the masters. I have been using CA with my fiber and it's been blowing chunks. Cool beans man.