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    Project: Boba Fett's Slave 1 (Fine molds)

    Yay, back online ^^ (lost my connection for a while, so sorry for the delay) So, Weezer, thx for the link, i already came accross fichtenfoo's site, i'll look into the techniques. John, don't worry, i had already seen your builds ^^ Anyway, back to modelling soon. No real update on the slave...
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    Hello from Roanoke, VA (via Biloxi, MS... No thanks to Hurricane Katrina)

    Didn't think Keizer Soze would be a modeler, but... why not ^^ Too many good lines in this movie to pick one, so i'll just say welcome here, sir.
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    My U-69

    Wow... contact ! incoming good looking build ! straight ahead !
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    merseajohn's 1.72 snowspeeder/at at dio

    Unless the snow speeder isn't painted, i think it IS done. (or close ^^) Nice work.
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    Hello From Western Mass

    Welcome aboard, i'm sure you'll find what you're looking for here. And if you don't, just ask the questions ;)
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    First build - Tamiya 1/350 Yamato w/ Lionroar

    Epic. I want to see more of this ship ^^
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    Hello from Ireland

    Welcome ^^
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    Hello from Richmond, VA

    Welcome here ^^
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    AMT Romulan Bird of Prey Build Vids

    Windows, windows, windows... courage, my friend. The more i watch your vids, the more i'm impressed of what you want to do with this kit. Thought you were going for an out of the box build, but no, you're doing it the right way. So for me, this is good and bad news: -the good news is we'll see...
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    Monogram F-16XL--Finished

    Re: Monogram F-16XL--WIP From an earlier update, i didn't think the landing gear doors' seem were that big of a deal, and after the graphite dust primer, i think you're fine. And graphite dust and red look really nice on this kit.
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    DML Brummbar Pz.IV (MID Prod) kit#6460 WIP

    There was so much brass i thought the entire kit as made of it ;) Nice work.
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    Registered Redneck in the mist

    Welcome aboard ^^
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    Thank you

    Same here: registered on another forum, and reading others, but this is home ^^ Thank YOU, Mr. Girvan.
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    Merseajohn's FM millennium falcon 1.72

    She's got it where it counts. Nice subtle weathering, love it.
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    I'd just like to add one thing: don't hesitate on making multiple layers of paint, and sanding down between each layer of silver/primer. I suggest silver to help you notice bumps and holes, then primer when the hull is smooth. you might try something like putty, sand, silver, sand, putty, sand...