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    Dragon Panzer IV D upgunned

    Looks like it will be very windy, but not to bad. Been through them before. Since I am pretty much ready for the hurricane and now i just have the long wait. Waiting for a hurricane has been likened to being stalked by a turtle. I have decided to do the tracks on the panzer IV
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    Dragon Panzer IV D upgunned

    I am in Port Orange by Daytona Beach
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    Dragon Panzer IV D upgunned

    I thought I would get this kit off the shelf if shame and finish it up. This is just a quick post. Have some hurricane prep to do today.
  5. Panzer IV D Upgunned

    Panzer IV D Upgunned

    Dragon 1/35 kit
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  7. 1/72 Trumpeter IS-7

    1/72 Trumpeter IS-7

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    Damage question?

    Armor by it's very nature is extremely hard. Think of it like butter and glass. Butter is easy to penetrate but also very pliable and easily deformed with just your finger, which is just one reason tanks are not made of butter. Glass on the other hand is much more difficult to penetrate with...
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    Trumpeter LAV-25

    They came molded in like that. They will be the last item to be done. Unfortunately every picture I found of the LAV had a wire mesh over the grills so it had to be covered up :'( Things have been quite busy around the McQuillen household as you can imagine. I have been tinkering with the...
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    Trumpeter Cougar AVGP

    Looking good! I look forward to seeing some primer on it. -Dennis
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    Trumpeter LAV-25

    Thanks everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know I am still around. I have been very busy at work with a crazy deadline and have had little time for my LAV. I have been doing a little here and there and I have actually made some progress. I have almost finished the hull. Here are some pics...
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    WWII realtime twitter

    If you have a twitter account and are into WWII history you may want to follow RealtimeWWII. They are going to tweet each days history of WWII starting from the beginning (this last sept.) until the end of the war. They are on the Russian invasion of Finland now and will tweet several times a...
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    Trumpeter LAV-25

    Those came molded on so I can't take credit for them ;D Here is another little trick that I do to add some detail. Sometimes you don't have photo-etch available or just don't want to fool with it. You can just take the back of a #11 knife blade and scrape detail into the part. Here I have...
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    Trumpeter LAV-25

    I have decided to add as many major parts before adding the fiddly bits to avoid breaking them off. I feel your pain and wish to avoid it. So I started with the hatches and I noticed a there was a problem. The hatches did not fit as well as I was hoping and there were spots where the hacth...