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    Hasbro Hero Millennium Falcon Modification

    Awesome progress!
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    1:12 Bandai Boba Fett

    Thanks!!! Looks like photobucket is down now. Check back for pics later. :(
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    1:12 Bandai Boba Fett

    Hello all, Here is my attempt at the Bandai Boba Fett. I filled in all the joints and tried to blend in the fabric with putty. I made several attempts and I am pleased with the result. I also made a custom fabric cape as the plastic one looked like crap, as well as made a carbonite chamber...
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    The 'Junkster' Pod Racer

    FANTASTIC!! Looks like it belongs in the phantom menace.
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    1:12 Endor Stormtrooper

    Thanks guys!
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    1:12 Endor Stormtrooper

    Hello, This is a commission piece I did for a friend. He wanted a battle weathered stormtrooper taking cover behind a tree on endor about to spring out and fire. Thanks for looking! :D Dan
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    Poe Dameron's X-Wing

    Nice weathering effects!
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    Satyr's DeAgostini Millenium Falcon Build

    great idea!!
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    1/350 Juggernaut

    very cool!
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    Just finished my bandai falcon

    Very nice finish!
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    Star Wars Imperial Dockyard.

    This looks GREAT!
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    1/144th Prometheus scratch build

    Amazing work!
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    I-7 Howlrunner WIP

    I like it!!
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    WIP .JPG Victory Star Destroyer

    Hello all, This is my WIP of .JPGs amazing Victory Star Destroyer kit. I wanted to modify it a bit as I am building it up to look more like this version of the ship, but I am taking some artistic liberties as no one SD is exactly the same. I want it to look like a more primitive SD (note the...