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    Wave Rally Pawn Diorama

    Thanks everyone! :)
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    'No name' diorama

    Excellent piece of work! Good luck with the name! :)
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    S.A.F.S. Snow man in the mud ...

    Very nice, Alfred!! Be careful those ma.k kits are highly addictive! ;)
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    Ma.k Pigs in the Kitchen!

    Thanks, all!! :)
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    Ma.k Pigs in the Kitchen!

    Hi, Having some fun with one of the Suzi-Syndicate kits! Pigs (buta) in the Kitchen! Thanks for looking! :) Daf
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    Wave Rally Pawn Diorama

    Hi, This is my version of the new Wave Rally Pawn. Cool kit! The base is the MSG Hobby Base kit ( Thank you for looking! :) Daf
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    Maschinen Krieger G-pawn

    Excellent details!
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    Ma.K SAFS

    Oh, that's an interesting work! Very nice, well done! :) Daf
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    Ma.k Skinhead

    Thank you, Baron! :)
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    1/20 Ma.K Oskar........FINISHED

    Re: 1/20 Ma.K Oskar (WIP) Excellent start! Will be watching! :)
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    Ma.k Skinhead

    Thanks, Scrach! This is 1/20. Skinheads are unfinished PKA suits captured by the mercenaries at a strahl factory. The body and legs are from PKA kit, the arms and other bits from AFS kit. Then you finish it off with some bits from other kits - like 1/72 Italeri helicopter and such. Very Kow...
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    Ma.k Skinhead

    Hey guys! Wanted to try my hand at a Maschinen Krieger Skinhead and did so - I think it came out okay, the next one will be better! Thanks to Futch for the needed bits! Comments and suggestions/advice always welcome! Thanks! Daf
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    Company review: Internet Hobbies

    This is quite odd and I suspect that there was a miscommunication issue. I've ordered from Internet Hobbies several times in the past with no issues at all. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you this time. It sounds like both sides of this review are both confused and unhappy. :-[
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    Industria Mechanika Waldo

    Great start on a great kit! Will be following! :)
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    Ma.k Snake-Eye with Attitude

    Thanks guys! :)