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    Want a better view of the Ep7 X-Wing?

    Here you go...
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    Bandi gets star wars license!

    Oh man, now I'm going to have to jump on the FM kits I don't have. I don't have the dough, bro! ;D
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    Ace Combat Su33 - 1/72 Hasegawa

    My kit came in today! Now, it will only be a few years until I get to it. ;D OP, you're a BAAAAAD influence! (in the best way possible, that is!)
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    Stuff for Sale

    I forgot to update this thread by mentioning I got my kits in fantastic condition, and quickly, too! Guys, don't hesitate to buy from Fruit! I do feel guilty that I haven't broken into any of the kits he sold me, but there is a Super Hornet that's about to be started on! Any day now!
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    Ace Combat Su33 - 1/72 Hasegawa

    Thanks for those tips! They're going to come in handy, because I scraped enough together to buy one just a few minutes ago. :D
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    Ace Combat Su33 - 1/72 Hasegawa

    I was trying to buy one of these a couple months back, but I suffered another financial setback (fridge died, long story) so I have to put it off longer. I'm a huge fan of the Ace Combat series, especially AC4 where Yellow 13 was first featured. Thanks for sharing, now I know for certain that...
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    The way you build

    My builds have so much potential, if only because I never finish them. LOL! ;D
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    Show us where you live!

    I live in San Antonio, Texas - proud home of the Alamo!
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    1/10000 Mining Complex/ inspired by Sins of a Solar Empire.

    Ah, Sins of a Solar Empire - the greatest game I've bought and never booted up. LOL. Looks like it's going to be an interesting build, keep us posted!
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    Mark II Viper canopy needed .

    You might want to try writing to Revell. I bought one of their 1/48 Harriers and the canopy was cracked clean in half. Sent in a letter and went about my business for a few weeks, and they sent me a new one, free of charge. Good luck!
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    Converting Jango's Slave 1 to Boba's

    As others have stated earlier, I've never noticed the difference between the two. Thanks for pointing them out and all the great photos. I'm enjoying this thread, great work!
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    Star Wars Resin Goodies!

    I'll join in! (says the third wheel, lol!)
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    Star Wars Resin Goodies!

    I have heard of people scraping the detail off, sanding them down and starting fresh...
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    Star Wars Resin Goodies!

    Mmmm, I've got one too, but no beautiful resin sidewalls. ??? Where are those things found, anyway?
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    Airbrush setup

    I gave up on looking for adapters and just bought an airbrush hose (with adapters) from a Harbor Freight. Cost about $8 and had everything I needed to adapt my Iwata HP-CS to my 1/4" outlet compressor/dryer/regulator setup. Find a 20-25% off coupon and you can get it cheaper...