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    Tamiya Sd. Kfz. 222

    Thanks man. This thing is done, locked away in the display case for good!
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    Tamiya Sd. Kfz. 222

    Thanks for taking a look at this thing, which had been my longest standing shelf queen at nearly 5 years I think! And to think it was 80% complete, all I had to do was finish the PE brass and do some weathering, but I just couldn't. I can't explain why either, but this model just fatigued me...
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    Ma. K Luna Pawn 1/20

    Thread necromancy. This project has been completed! I kind of went off on a tangent this year when I bought this new bike and rode it all summer. I hadn't picked up a paintbrush from April to September! No regrets though, it was a sweet summer. Anyway, after being a shelf queen for most...
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    Eve Online Dramiel

    Oh man, I played a lot of that game, used to really be into it. The ship designs are phenomenal and I'd love to see kits made of that. We can dream, can't we?
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    Bandai 1/12 Boba Fett

    Oh man its been like 3 weeks since I've done an update! I'm finally getting the motivation to make some headway. Sometimes it's hard to summon the motivation, man. I started painting his body this week. I'm doing the cloth parts all with brush and Scale Color paints, which have a very nice...
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    Bandai 1/12 Boba Fett

    Update time. I've got all parts primed and have started to assemble his body. Working out the pose I want him in, which fits in with the contest theme. Got a wooden base sanded down and it just needs some simple terrain. Missed some seams, so I'll have to fix those, but that's ok since I'll...
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    Those are looking sweet, those bandai kits are top quality.
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    1/35 Mark IV Tadpole in German Freikorps Service. "finished "

    Re: 1/35 Mark IV Tadpole in German Freikorps Service. This is a nice looking tank, WWI stuff is so weird looking, love it.
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    Dio: A Meeting of Scouts

    That's some serious scratchbuilding going on, very inspiring. Great idea for making the antennae, but wont they be extremely fragile? I always used guitar string for my 40k space marine tank antennae.
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    Bandai 1/12 Boba Fett

    There is indeed, this kit almost falls into the action figure category. There's some weapons options too, its a really well-engineered kit.
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    Bandai 1/12 Boba Fett

    So here's where I'm at so far. He's going together fast, but there will be a few snags that will be challenging. One is that he'll have to be painted in sub-assemblies, just like most sci fi models. Second, this is kind of a toy/model kit hybrid, and not so much a statue. I want him to be a...
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    Bandai 1/12 Boba Fett

    Hey all, here's my entry for the 2016 BSC. I haven't ever done a large scale figure, so this will be fun.
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    Chaos Space Marine Maulerfiend

    I've built this one, its a really great kit!
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    I really want to like Vallejo paints

    I usually run around 30 PSI +/- 5. Any lower and I get spattering problems. I recently got some vallejo retarder/flow improver and it does seem to help. I'm just frustrated that the paint specifically formulated for airbrushes still requires additives to be usable.