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    A-Wing - my first model with an airbrush

    Purple squad!?... I seem to remember Apollo and Starbuck pulling a stunt like that on the cylons. Seriously tho... If you get the weathering and 'beatupness' right, any color works... That's the beauty of the Star Wars universe in my opinion. And yes... Beatupness can be a word! Keep it up.
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    AMT ERTL Millennium Falcon Build

    Hmm... I hadn't noticed. I'll check it out. Thank you for pointing it out.
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    The Battlestar Galactica Moebius should have made!

    That is insane work man. This thing will like 10 times as big when photographed, ones it's done. Very impressive.
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    AMT ERTL Millennium Falcon Build

    That looks great man, we can always learn more! That mindset takes you further than anything else. "I haven't tried that before... So I can probably do it!" Pippi Langstrømpe
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    1/24 Tamiya Honda City Cabriolet (hover conversion)

    I've tried tamyia epoxy... While it's expensive, it was relatively easy to work with. Looking forward to seeing this come together. Thank you for sharing.
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    DIY spray booth

    Sounds great man... Great concept with box, even better if it's semi clear... Lot of free light that way. Only concern might be the potential backwash of air and paint from the back wall, if you place the fan on the side... But a filter mat or something might help if that is the case. Again it...
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    DIY spray booth

    The turntable looks great... I never use mine, lol. Anyway a duct fan is great for excaust if you place it away from where you're working. Especially the 12 volts versions with variable speed. It's really great that you're going for the no/low cost, I'm sure it's possible to build a great...
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    DIY spray booth

    Big enough... I find the commercial one I have is too small. Even tho mine has lights I find myself wanting more lights. So lots of lights. Flexible exhaust. As low noice as possible... That probably isn't possible, but one can wish. Dedicated area for mixing paint and cleaning the...
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    1:144 Bandai Snow Speeder (complete/throwback)

    Looks great... What do you mean by not all of them... Is this one not to scale?
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    Airbrush problem/backfeed?

    That is an option of course... But dailing in your cleaning method should steer you clear of the problem in the future... Knowing when, how and with what to clean... Should be sufficient.
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    Snowspeeder in progress

    Very ILM... They had the same issues when lighting the models. Looks great.
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    Airbrush problem/backfeed?

    I usually just pull the needle and flush the entire thing from the locking nut... Granted that hits the air valve as well, but I do add glycerin to my cleaner.
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    Airbrush problem/backfeed?

    Yes that's the thinner... But I only use it with Mr surfacer... It's expensive as $*#@. I buy the 400ml bottle from a polish hobby shop.
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    Classic MPC C-3PO and R2-D2 uber detail build: Completed!

    This thread is 8 years old... Bumping an old thread like that might be frowned upon on some forums. But the age is probably why there're no working images.
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    Airbrush problem/backfeed?

    I use homemade airbrush cleaner for my Tamiya acrylic paints. One could easily use a homemade thinner as well, but to me the performance of the paint is different when I use Tamyias own stuff. X20A or their lacquer thinner. For Mr. Finishing surfacer I use their leveling thinner, cus it has a...