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    Zoukei Mura P51D Concept Notes

    I've just finished my ZM P 51 and I'm selling the concept notes for the aircraft. It is in excellent condition and I'm asking $20 shipped in the USA. It's a 110 page book and covers the ZM P 51D in full detail and the 1:1 P 51 in walk around detail. All in all a nice book.
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    1/72 Meng F102A Completed!!!

    I can see one problem with the kit. F 102's did not have flaps they had elevons which were not split. If you try flaps on a delta wing it will try to lift the rear of the wing and compress the nose wheel. (I worked on 102's in Holland for 4 years). I built a 1/48 102 kit which also...
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    ADH how to books for Tamiya 1:32 P-51D & MosquitoFB VI

    I have Bret Green's How to build the Tamiya 1:32 P-51D and 1:32 Mosquito FB VI for sale. Both books are in excellent condition. I'm asking $15 each, or both for $25,shipped within the continental United States.
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    Tamiya 1:32 Mosquito FB Mk.VI

    I recently completed my Tamiya Mosquito and hopefully the pictures will show up. It's painted in RAAF bare metal silver. This was due to the extreme heat and humidity in the South Pacific. The Mosquito was put together with epoxy glue and tons of brass screws. The traditional camouflage...
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    Meng M2A3 Bradley - Complete

    Beautiful work. I built one earlier this year and was very impressed by the fit of the kit. I had very few problems that were not of my own making.
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    Meng M2A3 Bradley

    I recently ordered the Meng M2A3 from a company in Hong Kong. The price was $48 plus $13 surface shipping. Not a bad deal if you're willing to wait up to 12 weeks from order date for delivery. It's due here by 15 May. From all the write ups I've seen this is a really well done kit with...
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    1:72 Hasegawa F-105D

    Here's a link to a walk around of an aircraft near your tail number -aircraft 60 500 - in case you haven't seen it.
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    LaFerrari - Tamiya 1/24

    Looks great. I find as I'm aging I have more trouble with small scale models. I don't know if my hands are steady enough for 1/24 scale. I'm getting ready to do a 1/16 scale Revell Germany 1951/1952 Volkswagen and that's about as small as I'd probably attempt. Getting old if so much fun...
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    What has humanity come to ....

    Did you actually leave your car unlocked? This isn't the 1950's and I don't move out of sight of my car without locking it.
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    T-33A 1/48 (Academy), Review & Build

    Nice looking aircraft. I've always liked the lines of the F-80/T-33. It would have been interesting if Kelly Johnson could have had it ready to go against the Germans 262.
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    1/48 F-35B JSF Blue Angel

    I'm not trying to be critical but don the Blue Angels polish their aircraft to a fairly high gloss? That is a neat looking kit and a very nice assembly job.
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    1/12 Tamiya Wolf WR1

    I decided to try a Tamiya 1/12 scale motor cycle and thought the Suzuki RG250 gamma Walter Wolf would look nice next to the Wolf formula 1. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    1/12 Tamiya Wolf WR1

    Thanks for all the replies. I soaked it for about 20 seconds the put it on a paper towel. I slid it off about a quarter inch then carefully worked my way forward. It laid perfectly on both sides of the car. All in all I'm pleased with the outcome. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Revell B24-D Liberator

    Do a web search for the Norden bombsight. I believe it was used by nearly all, probably all, U S bombers. It was a very secret device and was often removed from the aircraft between missions. I don't know if it was ever released to the British. It wouldn't have done them a lot of good...