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Friday, October 19, 2018

Hasegawa 1/72 F-14A Tomcat Low Visibility

Hasegawa 1/72 F-15E Strike Eagle

Hasegawa 1/200 Boeing 777-300 Japan Airlines
- The new machine marking a kit of JAL revived the [Tsurumaru], the B777-300!
- Mark Tsurumaru, the notch in the blade has become deeper than the previous one, of JAL
Gothic typefaces thick strong character has been introduced.
[Decal (content marking)]
- [JA8942] machine (Tsurumaru) (February 2012) Japan Airlines new logo
- [JA8941] machine (Tsurumaru) (November 2011) Japan Airlines new logo

Hasegawa 1/200 Space Shuttle Orbiter with Boosters

Dragon 1/35 88mm Flack 36/37 (2in1)
The formidable and legendary German “88” was originally designed as an antiaircraft weapon. However, such was its potency that it was quickly employed in the anti-tank role as well. Now we have here one primary weapon but in two variants, and Dragon has rolled them into one box in its latest 2-in-1 kit. This 1/35 scale 2-in-1 kit allows modelers to build either the FlaK 36 or the FlaK 37. These 88mm weapons have previously been available as separate kits, but now they come combined in a single box. All the necessary parts are included to build either version of the gun. Dragon’s 88mm kits have always been popular, and now this 2-in-1 kit offering adds even further to the weapon’s versatility.

Dragon 1/35 Panzerjager I ~ Smart Kit
- Brand new mounted version of 4.7cm PaK (t)
- Muzzle brake reproduced by slide molds
- Slide-molded gun shield comes w/bolt detail
- Fully detailed gun w/breech assembly
- Gun breech and recoil guard fully reproduced
- PaK(t) gun carriage accurately represents the real one
- Realistic elevation mechanism allows gun to elevate
Fighting Compartment:
- “Ultra Slim” injection-molded armor plate
- Newly tooled one-piece fighting compartment armor made by 3-directional slide-molds
- Fighting compartment interior represented in detail – ammo box, gas mask canister, radio and first-aid kit
- Fighting compartment periscopes in fine detail
- Newly tooled ammo box w/finely detailed crewman’s seat
- Ammo box including ammunition rounds can be showed open/closed
- MG bracket finely represented by photo-etched parts
Upper Hull and Engine Deck:
- Newly tooled upper hull w/easy assembly
- Upper hull and engine deck with multi-piece for authentic detail
- Upper hull view port can be assembled open/closed
- Driver’s compartment interior details such as instrument panel and transmission battery and driver’s seat included
- Driver’s vision port can be displayed open/closed
- Realistically reproduced brake cooling pipe w/fine detail
- Engine deck exquisitely detailed
- OVM w/molded-on clasps
- Side fenders w/detailed tread pattern
- Engine hatch can be assembled open/closed
- New engine deck storage fence made from photo-etched parts
- Newly tooled hollowed exhaust pipe w/photo-etched exhaust cover
Lower Hull, Suspension, Wheel and Tracks:
- Lower hull formed from multiple parts for greater detail
- Details for suspension system
- New suspension w/coil spring in fine detail
- External suspension structure for Panzerjäger I have sharp detail
- Realistically reproduced road wheels w/photo-etched rings
- Newly tooled idler wheels accurately reproduced
- DS Tracks in great detail

Dragon 1/35 11.Frw.Pz.Gren.Div "Nordland" Vistula-Oder 1945 (4 Figures Set)
Early in 1945, the Red Army was closing in on the crumbling Third Reich. A total of 2,203,000 Soviet troops kicked off The Vistula-Oder offensive from the Vistula River in Poland on January 12, and by February 2 they had driven deep into Germany. Their strategic offensive carried them as far as the Oder River just 70km from Berlin. The Soviet juggernaut claimed a staggering 377,000 German lives and 292,000 missing. One of those German units tasked with slowing the enemy advance was the 11th Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division “Nordland”. Formed in February 1942, this mechanized infantry division was made up of volunteers from a bewildering array of foreign nationalities. In the Vistula-Oder battle it fought to virtual extinction.
Dragon has announced a 1/35 scale figure set featuring soldiers from the “Nordland” Division. These four figures realistically capture the vicious nature of winter combat in the Vistula-Oder offensive, as troops wearily sought to slow the Russian advance. A typical hodgepodge of uniforms is in evidence in this set, as the German military fought for survival late in the war. They also carry a variety of weapons – their armaments include a captured PPsh41 submachine gun, as well as an MP-40, MP-44 and panzerfausts with which to stave off tank after Russian tank. These figures utilize Dragon’s famous molding expertise to achieve an astounding level of detail. While this set sums up the essence of this desperate battle on Germany’s doorstep, it also offers unlimited potential for other late-war scenarios too.
Thursday, October 18, 2018

Airfix 1/72 DeHavilland DH82a Tiger Moth BiPlane
    Scheme 1: De Havilland DH.82a Tiger Moth Royal Naval Air Station Abbotsinch, Paisley, Scotland, 1962
    Scheme 2: De Havilland DH.82a Tiger Moth No,12 Local Air Supply Unit (LASU), Kiarivu Airfield, Papua New Guinea, August 1945
Still a familiar sight at airfields all over the world, the de Havilland Tiger Moth primary trainer made its first flight back in 1931 and went on to provide British and Commonwealth air forces with thousands of trained pilots for their operational squadrons. Performing a similar role to this day, the Tiger Moth allows prospective Warbird pilots to gain valuable experience in flying a tail-dragger aircraft.

Airfix 1/72 BAe Hawk T Mk 1A RAF Attacker/Fighter
    1) British Aerospace Hawk T.Mk.1, No.151 (Fighter) Squadron, Royal Air Force Chivenor, Devon, England, July 1983
    2) British Aerospace Hawk T.Mk.1, No.208 (R) Squadron, Royal Air Force Valley, Anglesey, Wales, April 2016 – Squadron Centenary scheme
The agile and reliable BAe Hawk T.1 has been providing the Royal Air Force with an effective advanced jet pilot training platform for over 40 years, replacing the Folland Gnat in this role. With over 1000 aircraft produced, the Hawk has also proved to be one of Britain’s most lucrative post war aviation export successes.

Airfix 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E3/4 Fighter
    Scheme 1: Franz Von Werra 1940
    Scheme 2: G9 + JM III./NJG 1
    Scheme 3: Yugoslavian Air Force L-33
As the battle hardened Bf109 fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe began operations against Britain following the Dunkirk evacuation, they would be at a disadvantage for the first time. With only enough fuel for limited time over England, any mechanical issue or damage during combat would result in their capture at best, but certainly an end to their war.

Airfix 1/48 F51D Mustang Fighter
    Scheme 1: ‘Rotation Blues’ 67th FBS Korea
    Scheme 2: F51D 77 Squadron RAAF Korea 1951
    Scheme 3: J26 Mustang, Swedish Air Force
As arguably the finest fighter aircraft of WWII, the Mustang went on to be selected as the USAF primary piston engined fighter after the war, with all other types relegated to secondary roles, or withdrawn from service. The re-designation of USAF aircraft in 1948 saw the P for Pursuit change to F for Fighter, resulting in the Mustang becoming a North American F-51D

Airfix 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire F Mk 22/24 Fighter
    1) No.80 Squadron, Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force Kai Tak, Hong Kong 1955
    2) 607 County of Durham Squadron RAuxAF RAF Ouston England 1948
As the final variants of the Spitfire to enter service, the Rolls-Royce Griffon powered Mk.22/24 were very different from the prototype aircraft that took to the sky in 1936. Double the weight and possessing more than twice the power, the last Spitfires had an increased climb rate of 80% over the prototype and were around 100mph faster.

Airfix 1/72 Vickers Wellington Mk IA/C RAF Bomber
Britain’s bomber force at the beginning of the Second World War only consisted of around 300 aircraft and was made up of both light and medium bomber squadrons.  The most capable medium bomber of the day was the twin-engined Vickers Wellington, which first flew 1936 and entered RAF service with No.99 Squadron at Mildenhall in October 1938. The production aircraft bore little resemblance to the prototype aircraft and compared to contemporary medium bombers already in service, the Wellington appeared to be much more advanced in design and an aircraft to be feared by any potential enemy.  Its sleek monoplane design and heavy defensive armament placed the new Wellington as one of the most advanced and capable medium bombers in the world.
Perhaps the most significant feature of the Wellingtons design was the adoption of a geodetic construction method, which was developed by famous British engineer and inventor Barnes Wallis. Duralumin W-beams were used to form a metal lattice-work construction on to which wooden battens would be screwed, which would then allow the doped fabric outer skin of the aircraft to be attached. The resultant fuselage was relatively light in weight but possessed great strength and whilst this method of construction posed challenges for companies engaged in manufacturing Wellington bombers, the inherent strength of the design would prove crucial when the aircraft was thrust into combat. Capable of withstanding significant battle damage, numerous RAF Wellingtons managed to bring their crews back home, when other bombers would have failed to do so.

Airfix 1/48 Supermarine Walrus Mk I Silver Wings Recon Amphibious Aircraft
    Scheme 1: HMS Birmingham 4th Cruiser Squadron 1938-40
    Scheme 2: 53.S.16, Flottille 53S, Aeronavale, Hourtin, 1945-48
    Scheme 3: N20 Irish Air Corps 1939-40
The reputation of the Supermarine company was built on their ability to design and produce effective and reliable marine and amphibious aircraft for civilian and military use. The Walrus was a perfect example of their expertise and underlined the strength of the aircraft by performing a loop at the 1933 Hendon Air Pageant, to the astonishment of the massed ranks of spectators.

Airfix 1/72 Bf109E4 Fighter
Scheme: Bf 109E-4 ‘Yellow 13’ 9./JG54 Hollande
When the diminutive Messerschmitt Bf109 entered service in February 1935, it was one of the most advanced aircraft in the world, clearly heralding the future of fighter design. Produced in greater quantities than any other fighter aircraft, the Bf109 served throughout WWII and was flown by many of the world’s most successful air aces.

Airfix 1/72 Avro Lancaster B I(FE)/B III Bomber
    Scheme 1: R5868 S-Sugar 467 Squadron RAAF
    Scheme 2: LM624 57 Squadron
As the third of Britain’s four engined heavy bombers to enter RAF service during WWII, the Avro Lancaster proved to be an exceptional aircraft, possessing a large unobstructed bomb bay, which allowed it to carry some of the largest bombs of the war. At least thirty five Lancasters managed to complete an astonishing 100 missions or more and are referred to by historians and enthusiasts as the ‘Lancaster Centurions’, an exclusive group of extremely hard working bombers.

Airfix 1/72 Douglas Dakota Mk IV Civilian Aircraft
    Scheme 1: KN452 RAF Khormaksar 1967
    Scheme 2: KG523 ‘H’ 267 Squadron RAF
As one of the most important aircraft of the Second World War, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain was the military version of the exceptional DC-3 civilian airliner and was described by General Dwight D Eisenhower as one of the ‘Four Tools of Victory’ that helped the Allied forces prevail during WWII. Used extensively by the Royal Air Force, almost 2,000 aircraft transformed Britain’s ability to move troops, equipment and supplies by air.

Airfix 1/72 EE Lightning F6 Single-Seater Fighter
    Scheme 1: XS903 5 Squadron RAF Binbrook
    Scheme 2: XS921 56 Squadron June 1976
As the only all-British built Mach 2 plus capable fighter aircraft, the English Electric Lightning occupies a unique place in aviation history and remains one of the finest achievements of the British aviation industry. Possessing incredible performance, this Cold War warrior entered service in 1960 and became Britain’s primary interceptor for the following two decades.

Dragon 1/35 UH1D Huey Helicopter
An enduring icon of the Vietnam War is the UH-1 Iroquois helicopter, commonly referred to as the “Huey” by troops. This utility helicopter, one of the world’s most recognizable designs, was widely used in Vietnam. In fact, around 7000 were deployed there (out of a total of 16,000 manufactured). Despite being a rugged design, approximately 2500 were lost to combat and accidents in Vietnam, and 2202 pilots were killed.
-compartment doors can be assembled open/closed
-bonus helicopter crew included
-clear plastic parts with detail for windshield and doors
-machine guns reproduced with fine detail
-new photo-etched parts for upgrading the detail
-pre-painted photo-etched parts included
-new Cartograf decal offers beautiful markings
In an exciting development, Dragon has produced its first a “Nam” Huey in 1/35 scale! The larger scale allows enormous amounts of detail to be packed into this model of a UH-1D, an upgraded, stretched fuselage version introduced in 1963. The form and shape of the UH-1D has been accurately captured, and the detail is stunning. This model builds into a most impressive centerpiece, and could be added to an atmospheric Vietnam diorama. As a special bonus, the kit also includes a set of four crewmen. The crew includes two door gunners and two pilots, so the model can easily be shown in action during a combat mission.

Dragon 1/35 SdKfz 164 Nashorn Tank (4 in 1)
Armed with a mighty horn, thick skin and a remarkable degree of speed and mobility, the rhinoceros is a formidable adversary if you encounter one on the plains of Africa. The same could be said of the Nashorn (the German name for a rhinoceros) from Germany. For Russians and Allied soldiers who encountered this 24-ton “beast” on the plains, fields and towns of Eastern and Western Europe in WWII, it was a fearsome opponent. Armed with a potent 8.8cm PaK 43/1 gun of L/71 caliber, and with mobility provided by a Pz.Kpfw. IV hull and chassis, it could dispatch enemy armored vehicles with relative ease.
Dragon’s 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 plastic kits are well known and loved in the modeling fraternity. However, these don’t compare with the next step – a Nashorn 4-in-1 kit. Indeed, modelers are now able to build either an Initial, Initial Modified, Early or Command version of this tank destroyer. The necessary parts to build any one of these variants are included in the box, giving unparalleled options. The detailed parts include Dragon’s Razor Edge treatment of the armored plates for the fighting compartment superstructure and for the gun shield. The ends of these plates feature a true-to-scale thickness. The 8.8cm PaK 43/1 gun is highly detailed and it can even recoil just like the real thing. Dragon’s well-acclaimed 1/35 scale Nashorn has now given birth to four fully grown Rhinos.

Maisto Diecast 1/24 2018 Acura NSX (Red)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Aerobonus 1/32 German Me262A Luftwaffe Pilot w/Seat for TSM, RVL & HSG

Aerobonus 1/32 Russian WWII Pilot

Aerobonus 1/32 WWII German Luftwaffe Pilot w/Life Jacket

Aerobonus 1/32 USAF Modern Fighter Pilot

Aerobonus 1/32 USN Minneapolis-Moline MT40 Tow Tractor

Aires 1/48 Hawker Sea Fury FB11 Cockpit Set For ARX

Aires 1/48 Su17M3/M4 Fitter K Fully Loaded Chaff/Flare Dispensers For HBO (Resin)

Aires 1/48 MiG27 Early Exhaust Nozzle Opened For TSM

Aires 1/48 Su17M3/M4 Fitter K Fully Empty Chaff/Flare Dispensers For HBO (Resin)

Aires 1/48 MiG27 Early Exhaust Nozzle Closed For TSM

Aires 1/72 F4J Phantom II Electronic Bay For ACY

Quickboost 1/32 Eurofighter Typhoon Ejection Seat w/Safety Belts for TSM

Quickboost 1/32 Su27 Flanker Pitot Tubes

Quickboost 1/48 L39ZA Albatros Wing Pylons for SHY & EDU

Quickboost 1/48 L39C Albatros Wing Pylons for TSM

Quickboost 1/48 Ki61ld Hein Pylons for TAM

Quickboost 1/48 Ki61ld Hein Oil Radiator for TAM

Quickboost 1/48 Petlyakov Pe2 Exhaust for ZVE & EDU

Quickboost 1/48 Ki61ld Hein Pylons for HSG

Quickboost 1/48 Su27 Flanker Front Wheel Fender Early

Quickboost 1/48 Su27 Flanker Front Wheel Fender Late

Quickboost 1/48 L39ZA Albatros Wing Pylons for TSM

Quickboost 1/48 Su27 Flanker Pitot Tubes

Quickboost 1/48 L39C Albatros Wing Pylons for SHY & EDU

Quickboost 1/48 L39ZA Albatros Gun Pod for TSM

Quickboost 1/72 MiG21MF Undercarriage Covers for EDU

Quickboost 1/72 MiG21MF Correct Exhaust Nozzle for EDU

Quickboost 1/72 Ki61ld Hein Pylons for TAM

Quickboost 1/72 Wellington Mk Ic Air Scoops for ARX

Quickboost 1/72 Wellington Mk Ic Propeller Spinners for ARX

Quickboost 1/72 MiG21MF Gun Pod Late V for EDU

Quickboost 1/72 MiG21MF Correct Radar Nose for EDU
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

PLA Editions - Dioramag Volume 1
Pla Editions new magazine Dioramag is focused entirely on Dioramas. We want to provide the reader with
information about techniques and products, but most importantly, we want to provide inspiration. That is why you will frequently find “Showcases” on the pages of Dioramag. These will feature the work of talented diorama-artists from around the world, with large format pictures intended to spark the imagination, to give ideas, and to inspire. In our series “Diorama Classics” we will feature work from modelers who influenced the hobby in some way. You will also find elaborate step by step articles, as well as short-format tutorials. Above all else however, our main goal is to provide ideas and inspiration for your own creations. We will strive to cover all aspects of the diorama genre, however there may always be a slight emphasis on military modeling, simply because it is the most popular diorama genre. Our list of contributors is growing fast, and we are rather confident that we will be able to present a well-rounded mix in the future as well.
6.- NEWS
10.- DIORAMA CLASSICS. Sheperd Paine
12.- LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND. VIETNAM 1968. John Rosengrant
20.- SHOWCASE DIORAMAG. Roger Hurkmans
24.- CORDONNERIE. Marcel Ackle
34.- SHOWCASE DIORAMAG. Dirk Mennigke
38.- THE DEATH OF FURY. Giang Xuan Le
44.- SHOWCASE DIORAMAG. Bernhard Lustig
48.- DEATH OF A PRINCE. Won-Hui Lee
58.- JAPANESE MASTERS. Kazuya Yoshioka
64.- FORGOTTEN WALKER. Per Olav Lund
68.- SHOWCASE DIORAMAG. Volker Bembennek
73.- DIORAMA CLASSICS. François Verlinden
74.- WARSAW 1944. Part 1. Sven Frisch
96 Pages plus covers - ALL TEXTS IN ENGLISH

Abteilung 502 - Spoils of War 1991 Gulf War Book
A very special book, not only for inspiration but for history lovers. Through its pages you can discover the atmosphere and feeling of the gulf war from the point of view of the daguet Division
The Division Daguet (in french the Daguet is a young brocket deer) was a French Army division formed in September 1990 in Saudi Arabia after the invasion of Kuwait. It was initially formed by elements of the 6th Light Armored Division. On 24 February 1991, when the ground phase begins, the main objective of the division was the As-Salman airfield in Iraq. The Daguet Division and the US 82nd Airborne Division crossed the border and attacked north. The French soldiers encounter some elements of the Iraqi 45th Infantry Division. At the end of the battle, the French Army controlled the objective. The French soldiers captured about 2500 prisoners, and seized a large quantity of weapons. Within a month, the specialized teams of the division which were assigned to the recovery of the Iraqi hardware, managed to capture more than 35 heavy vehicles, a dozen of pieces of AA guns of diff erent calibres and artillery pieces.
Language: English 108 pages.

Abteilung 502 - Damaged Weathered & Worn Models Magazine Issue 5
Issue #5 of the well known Damaged Magazine, bring us the debut of its new editor, to continue the concept of this high quality magazine much apreciated by all modelers. Vehicles, Scifi , figures… always seen from a very special point of view to surprise it’s followers. In this issue we can see articles from a Batmobil to a paper excavator or a very special vignette inspired in Marwen of Robert Zemeckis movie.
English 80 pages.

AK Interactive - Modern Conflicts Vol.3: Arab Revolutions & Border Wars 1980-2018 Profile Guide Book
New profile book. Whether you like Arab vehicles, you make models or not, you should take a look at this super-book with lots of inspirational profiles, with information, anecdotes, etc.
You can buy this book as a sole volume or to complete the collection with other volumes of the Arab Wars. This book covers the vehicles from last 30 years in different armies.
Regular Arab Armies as Moroccan Army, Algerian Army, Lybian Army, Sudan Army and SLPA Vehicles, Egyptian Modern Army, Syrian Army, Iraq Army, Yemen Army,Turkey Army and the interesting and rare vehicles from Arab Rebel Armies as Peshmerga Vehicles, Kurds Vehicles, Daesh Vehicles and other surprises.
Language: English 148 pages.

AK Interactive 1/24 Doozy Series: Cats & Dogs (3ea) (Resin)
*1/24 scale.
*Non painted.
*Resin parts.

AFV Club 1/35 IDF Sho't Kal Gimel Type II Tank Operation Peace for Galilee 1982
- Reactive armor, with smoke dischargers
- Israeli army remodeling car length cupola, exhaust pipe, precisely reproduce the gun barrel fixture
- Life ring containing the metal gun barrel
- Main gun, can be selected in the shooting state / moving state
- For urban warfare Yabushiro hammer is a possible new mold molding and paint, rubber rolling wheel rim with a feeling
- FN MAG58 machine gun, Galil assault rifles, UZI sub-machine gun, with mortars
- Smoke dischargers, rubber dust cover with parts for mantlet
- Crosswind measuring instrument, stretcher, ammunition boxes, fire extinguisher, DS2 with decontamination equipment
- Turret rear compartment is made of etched parts

AFV Club 1/35 IDF M60A1 Magach 6B Tank
- Magach 6 is a refurbishment type with Israeli army based on American M60A1 tank.
- Magach 6B was refurbished based on Magafu 6A in the late 1970s.
- First of all, installing Blazer ERA, MI 60 mm mortar and equipment gun addition equipment, turret turning motor strengthening.
- Furthermore, a modification such as replacing the engine with AVDS - 1790 - 2 C was carried out.
All Prices in CDN Funds, and do not include taxes and shipping (if applicable)

This list does not represent what I have in stock at ECH, only what has been released this week, and that I can order in. Some items I order as normal, other items are for "special order" only. If you are looking for something, and wonder if it is in stock or not, simply shoot me an e-mail and ask. If not in stock, I would happily order it in for you.

Monday, October 15, 2018

True Details 1/35 German Small MG Bunker
German WW2 Small Machine Gun emplacement Bunker, Great rendition of a smaller concrete German fortification, used all over the western front and Atlantic wall. Realistic surface detail and cast in high quality resin, ideal with any 1/35th scale figures and vehicles.

True Details - P-38 Lightning Wheel Set
1/72 $8.25
1/48 $9.50
1/32 $10.50
Resin replacement wheel set for the P-38 Lighning WW2. Beautifully rendered detail and copied from 3-D patterns, these wheel sets are a true representation of the real deal, will adapt to any brand name P-38.

Squadron Decal Positioner Tool
Plastic handle with angular tip, allows good grip to position wet decals, eliminating damage while sliding decals into position.

Airfix 1/76 WWI US Infantry Figure Set (Re-Issue)
Mould Tools made in 1967, pack Illustration by Brian Knight, 1969. Enjoy the nostalgia with Airfix Vintage Classics.
These are the “Doughboys” that arrived in France and took part in the last great battles of the First World War. Their equipment includes light machine guns and a remote-controlled rifle.
Contains 48 unpainted figures.

Airfix 1/72 DH Vampire T11/J28C Training Aircraft
    Scheme 1: XK624 CFS Little Rissington September 1972
    Scheme 2: Vampire J-28C Swedish Historic Flight
First entering RAF service in 1952, the De Havilland Vampire T.11 trainer was the final UK variant of Britain’s second operational jet fighter and the first advanced jet trainer to adopt a side-by-side seating configuration. Unusually, the forward section of the fuselage was constructed of plywood, adopting manufacturing techniques perfected on the famous wartime Mosquito.

Caracal Decals 1/48 Strategic Air Command FB-111A Aardvark 'Dark Varks'
 This 1/48 scale sheet is our first one for the venerable F-111 series; and it depicts FB-111A strategic bombers in the "Dark Vark" camouflage scheme used mostly during the 1980s. Nine unique aircraft from both units operating the type (380th BW at Plattsburgh AFB and 509th BW at Pease AFB) are featured, each with unique nose / landing gear well door art. We also provide accurate stencilling and supplementary decals for the RAM coverings in the air intakes. Designed to fit both Academy and Hobby Bosss kits.
The options on this decal sheet are:
    FB-111A 69-6509 "Max Effort / Spirit of the Seacoast", 509BW, USAF
    FB-111A 69-6508 "Strange Cargo", 509BW, USAF
    FB-111A 68-0287 "Liberator II", 509BW, USAF
    FB-111A 68-0284 "Next Objective", 509BW, USAF
    FB-111A 69-6513 "Top Secret", 509BW, USAF
    FB-111A 68-0265 "Net Results", 380BW, USAF
    FB-111A 67-0163 "Moonlight Maid", 380 BW, USAF
    FB-111A 67-7192 "Slightly Dangerous", 380 BW, USAF
    FB-111A 69-6507 "Madame Queen", 380 BW, USAF

Caracal Decals 1/72 TF-9J Cougar "Twogar"
 A twin-seat development of the US Navy's F9F Cougar, the F9F8-T / TF-9J "Twogar" served the US Navy for many years as a carrier-capable jet trainer. With the recent release of the Sword kit, we finally have a modern kit of this important type in 1/72 scale. Our latest sheet provides markings for 6 different US Navy training squadrons.
The options on this decal sheet are:
    TF-9J Cougar BuNo. 147287 , VT-4, US Navy
    TF-9J Cougar BuNo. 147366 , VT-22, US Navy
    TF-9J Cougar BuNo. 147300 , VT-23, US Navy
    TF-9J Cougar BuNo. 147356 , VT-24, US Navy
    TF-9J Cougar BuNo. 147345 , VT-25, US Navy
    TF-9J Cougar BuNo. 147299 , VT-26, US Navy

Scale AC Conversions 1/32 Junkers J.I Landing Gear (WNW kit)
For: replacement for 1/32 Wingnut Wings

Scale AC Conversions 1/48 Sea Vixen FAW.2 Landing Gear (TRP kit)
For: replacement for 1/48 Trumpeter

Scale AC Conversions 1/72 Canberra B.2/6 T.4/11 Landing Gear & Ballast (S&M/AMP kit)
For: replacement for 1/72 S&M and AMP

Wingnut Wings 1/32 Fokker E.II 'Max Immelmann'
-Plastic parts the same as sold out model WNW32018 Fokker E.II/E.III (Early)
-1/32 (54mm) 4 part resin figure sculpted by Mike Good available exclusively with this model.
-129 high quality injection moulded plastic parts.
-11 photo-etched metal detail parts.
-18 page fully illustrated instruction manual.
-High quality Cartograf decals for Fokker E.II 37/15 of famous German ace Max Immelmann from Feldflieger Abteilung 62 in October to November 1915

Wingnut Wings 1/32 AMC DH.2 'Lanoe Hawker'
-Plastic parts the same as sold out model 32028 AMC DH.2
-1/32 (54mm) 6 part resin figure sculpted by Mike Good available exclusively with this model.
-166 high quality injection moulded plastic parts.
-6 photo-etched metal detail parts.
-Fully illustrated instruction manual.
-High quality Cartograf decals for AMC DH.2 5964 of famous British ace Lanoe Hawker from 24 Squadron RFC in November 1916

Wingnut Wings 1/32 Sopwith Triplane 'Raymond Collishaw'
-Plastic parts the same as sold out model 32008 Sopwith Triplane
-1/32 (54mm) 4 part resin figure sculpted by Mike Good available exclusively with this model.
-129 high quality injection moulded plastic parts.
-6 photo-etched metal detail parts.
-20 page fully illustrated instruction manual.
-High quality Cartograf decals for Sopwith Triplane N533 of famous Canadian 60 victory ace Raymond Collishaw of 10(N) Squadron RNAS in July 1917
Chit chat / Re: SMA What's New In Your Stash?!?
« Last post by Elm City Hobbies on Thu Oct, 18, 2018, 11:19:PM »
A few new ones this week.

Painting, Decals & Weathering Models Q&A / Re: Air Brush Kit Recommendations?
« Last post by texastony1946 on Thu Oct, 18, 2018, 08:05:AM »
Badger airbrush. Patriot, Krome
« Last post by blakeh1 on Wed Oct, 17, 2018, 05:30:PM »
Very cool project and excellent work!

bots are still hovering...

For some reason those Bots remind me of the Blue Man Group between the poses, bald heads, and clothing  ;D
« Last post by Belugawrx on Wed Oct, 17, 2018, 12:52:AM »
tnx Q

This is where its at now,..going into the final days left

AIRCRAFT / Re: I scored the legendary 1:48 Testors SR-71 Blackbird last weekend!
« Last post by Quaralane on Wed Oct, 17, 2018, 12:00:AM »
Very cool finds
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