Author Topic: Academy 1/400 Titanic - Centenary Anniversary Edition  (Read 10624 times)

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Re: Academy 1/400 Titanic - Centenary Anniversary Edition
« Reply #15 on: Fri Oct, 20, 2017, 06:21:PM »
Also interested in the 1/700 you're working on as well as I'm currently building one too.

Which brand are you working on? I'm finishing up the Academy one right now (pictures soon) and have been very disappointed with the accuracy overall, so I ended up also getting the revell 1/700 and, while not perfect, I think it is a much better representation of the ship.

I actually have both and am looking into merging them into one kit as both have good points that I want in one. I've also got alot of photo-etch and wooden decks for improvement.
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