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Pile O' Lighting
« on: Thu Sep, 17, 2009, 03:49:AM »

All told, I've got 8 models on the bench for lighting, four of which just finished their lights recently and await the next phase of putty, sand, paint finish.  The other four are deep in the trenches and getting work over the next couple weeks.  Fiber optics, leds, ccfl's and EL sheet are all on the agenda.  Most of the work is simple leds, followed by lots of fiber optics now that I'm stocked for a bit, next is EL and CCFL stuff.  Those aren't as reliable as leds, but they are crucial niche products.

MPC/ERTL Cut-Away Millennium Falcon: Fiber Optics
MPC Star Destroyer: Fiber Optics
MonkeyWorks 1/24 A-Wing: Leds are ready, needs wiring and Fiber
MensaBoy Studio Scale TIE Fighters (2): Testing leds
AW Studios: 1/350 Romulan Bird: Lights 'R' Done, Ready for Putty and finishing
Captain Cardboard: 2001: ASO 1/12 EVA Pod: Lights 'R' Done, Ready for Putty and finishing
Captain Cardboard: 2001: ASO Discovery Antenna Module and EVA Pod: Lights 'R' Done, Ready for Paint
Revell 30th Ann. Cylon Raider: Lights 'R' Done, Ready for paint

If you want to see any of these in particular, check my playlists.
Another good wiring series is Vader's TIE playlist.


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Re: Pile O' Lighting
« Reply #1 on: Sun May, 23, 2010, 02:27:PM »
This is great stuff Tom. Thanks for posting.