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All Prices in CDN Funds, and do not include taxes and shipping (if applicable)

This list does not represent what I have in stock at ECH, only what has been released this week, and that I can order in. Some items I order as normal, other items are for "special order" only. If you are looking for something, and wonder if it is in stock or not, simply shoot me an e-mail and ask. If not in stock, I would happily order it in for you.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Mark I Models 1/144 Dornier Do17Z2/3 Western Front German Bomber

Mark I Models 1/144 Hawker Hunter F6A/FGA9 Elegant Fighter (2 in 1)

Mark I Models 1/144 Hawker Hunter FR10/FR71A/FGA73A Recce Fighter (2 in 1)

Mark I Models 1/144 LET L13/TZ13 Blanik Military Service Two-Seater Glider (2 in 1)

Trumpeter 1/35 US M270/A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System
The USA version of the MLRS is finally released, the latest in this series of M270/A1 launch systems. The US variant was the result of a 2005 upgrade program for the US Army, having incorporated an improved fire control system and an improved launcher mechanical system. This allows for significantly faster launch procedures and the firing of new types of munitions, including GPS guided rockets. Kit consists of over 900 parts including a copper tube and photo etched details.

Trumpeter 1/32 MiG29UB Fulcrum Russian Fighter
Trumpeter’s latest release in the Mig29 family in this scale, the UB variant is a twin seat training model. It featured Infra-red sensor mounted only and no radar. Kit consists of over 600 parts including a metal gear strut and photo etched details.

Trumpeter 1/700 HMS Nelson British Battleship 1944
The Nelson was unique in British battleship construction, being the only ship to carry a main armament of 16-inch guns and the only ones to carry all the main armament forward of the superstructure. Commissioned in 1927, she served extensively in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian oceans during WWII. She was decommissioned soon after the end of the war and scrapped in 1949. Kit consists of over 420 parts including photo etched details.

Trumpeter 1/35 German StuG E100 Tank
The E-100 was a German super-heavy tank design developed towards the end of WWII. It was proposed to be the basis for a heavy artillery system, an anti-aircraft vehicle, and a heavy tank destroyer, but by the end of WWII the chassis of the E-100 was only partially completed. The tank was shipped to the United Kingdom at the end of the war for trials, but was later scrapped. Kit consists of over 290 parts including photo-etched details and rubber tracks.

Trumpeter 1/72 Russian T62 Mod 1962 Main Battle Tank

Trumpeter - High Quality Scraper Tool

Kagero Books - The Japanese Battleship Yamato (SC)
Carlo Cestra; Super Drawings in 3D. The Yamato Battleship was the lead ship of the Yamato class of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Second World War. Named after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province on the Kii peninsula, she was the first of four designed ships and was the heaviest, largest, and most powerful battleship ever built, displacing about 72000 tons at full load and armed with nine 46-cm Type 94 main guns.
Yamato exceeded other country battleships not only by the displacement and the caliber of her guns, but also by the construction of her hull, armor protection, gunnery, and optics. The superiority of her optic equipment gave tremendous precision to her main gunfire. She was an incredible achievement for the Japanese naval engineering and shipbuilding industry by any international standard. Illustrated with 165 graphics; 100 pages.

Kagero Books - Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H and Ausf. J. Vol.II (SC)
Lukasz Gladysiak; Photosniper 3D. The Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H and Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. J tanks were produced in the largest numbers in the range known as Sonderkraftfahrzeug 161 in German terminology - 7,000 vehicles. This means that significant quantities of these vehicles were delivered to units from late Spring 1943 in case of the Ausf. H and from Summer 1944 as far as the Ausf. J is concerned. They fought on every front of the war.
In addition to the Germans, as will be described in this book, other Axis forces also used of both types of these tanks. Illustrated with 58 black/white and 74 color photographs, 60 graphics; 112 pages.

Kagero Books - The Battleship Bismarck (SC)
Waldemar Goralski; Super Drawings in 3D. Even if they failed to encounter the enemy, every one of their sorties amounted to a brush with death. There were many dangers for Luftwaffe night fighters to contend with hazardous weather conditions, fog rolling out of nowhere, return fire from the British bombers, enemy night fighters at work over German airfields and simple fatigue could all lead to tragedy.
One of the men who survived all of this was Ofw Kurt Bundrock. Born on 2nd February 1917 in Berlin, Bundrock flew as Bordfunker (radio operator) with NJG 1's ace Hptm. Reinhold Knacke (44 night victories). Illustrated with 170 graphics,15 photos in 3d; 100 pages.

Kagero Books - The Battleship Roma 1942 - 1943 (SC)
Carlo Cestra; Super Drawings in 3D. The pursuit of better performance continued until all the possibilities for improvement were literally squeezed out of the Yak-1's mixed design characterized by an all-wooden wing. In the process, alterations to the basic design gave birth to new more advanced types, the Yak-9 in 1942 and Yak-3 in 1944.
Still, given the high degree of manufacturing optimization achieved at Saratov factory it was decided to keep the fighter that was rapidly becoming obsolete in production. Its latest version the Yak-1b contributed significantly to the wartime effort of the Soviet Union. These developments as well as some interesting facts from the Yak-1/1b history are covered in the current volume. Illustrated with 177 graphics; 100 pages.

Pen & Sword Books - Battle Of The Odon (HB)
Georges Bernage. The Battle of the Odon evokes the clash between the British Army and the II SS-Panzer Korps, as they attacked across the Odon Valley during Operation Epsom in June 1944. Using contemporary photographs and documents, this book provides day-by-day details of the operation that was just one part of what is commonly referred to as the Battle of Normandy. 288 pages.

MMP Books - Swedish Jet Fighter Colours (HB)
Mikael Forslund; White Series. Book covers Swedish Jets used by the Swedish Air Force. Camouflage and markings of the fighters are described in unparalleled detail by the well-known Swedish author Mikael Forslund. Many unpublished photos, and exclusive color profiles (SAAB J 21R, J 28 Vampire, SAAB J 29A Tunan, SAAB J 32B Lansen, De Havilland Venom, Hawker Hunter, Draken, Viggen, Grippen). Illustrated with B&W photos, color photos and color profiles. 200 pages.

MMP Books - Sd.Kfz.7 Mittlerer Zugkfraftwagen 8t (SC)
Alan Ranger; Camera ON Series 2. During WW2, the German armed forces were the greatest user of half-track vehicles. Such vehicles were used in the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS, where they served as personnel carriers, tractors, combat engineering vehicles, as well as self-propelled carriages for anti-aircraft guns. Sd. Kfz. 7, Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8t (middle half-track vehicle 8 tons) was designed in 1932 by Krauss Maffei and by 1937, the ultimate Km m 11 model was introduced.
The book presents a collection of photographs of different versions of the tractor from the private archives of German soldiers. The photographs depict vehicles serving on different fronts and being utilized in several roles. Photos of most production versions are shown, Including self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and artillery tractors. Profusely illustrated photo album includes 140 B&W photos previously unseen pictures, many from private sources in Germany. 80 pages.

MMP Books - German Horse Power of Wehrmacht In WWII (SC)
Alan Ranger; Camera ON Series 4. Despite the several hundred thousand motor vehicles used by German forces in World War Two, the German armed forces were still extremely reliant upon the horse. Horse-drawn transportation was especially important for Germany, as it was lacking in its own natural oil resources.
Both the German infantry and artillery relied heavily upon horse drawn elements, especially in their supply chain and logistics. Each German unit employed thousands of horses and thousands of men taking care of them. During the war, many custom-built horse drawn wagons as well as captured units were included in the general transportation of the Wehrmacht. Illustrated with 180+ B&W photos; 80 pages.

Frontline Books - Decorated Roman Armour (HB)
Raffaele d'Amato, Andrey Evgenevich Negin. From the time of the Bronze Age, the warriors of all tribes and nations sought to emblazon their arms and armor with items and images to impress upon the enemy the wealth and power of the wearer.
Magnificently decorated shields were as much a defensive necessity as a symbol of social status. Equally, decorative symbols on shields and armor defined the collective ideals and the self-conceived important of the village or city-state its warriors represented. Shining Under the Eagles is richly decorated throughout, and as well as battlefield armor, details the tournament and parade armor from Rome's the earliest days. Illustrated with 300 B&W photos; 392 pages.

Pen & Sword Books - US Military Helicopters (SC)
Michael Green; Images of War Series. The helicopter came on the scene too late to play other than a minor role in the Second World War but by the Korean conflict the Bell H-13 Sioux, OH-23 Raven and Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw were in service. It was in Vietnam that the US military helicopters really came into their own and the best known were the Bell UH-1 Iriquois (known as the Huey), the Boeing CH-47 Chinook and the massive CH-37 Mojave.
The USAF combat search and rescue Jolly Green Giant was indispensable. Attack helicopters have evolved from the early Huey Cobra or Snake and the Boeing AH-64 Apache came into service in the late 80s when the Sikorsky UH-60 series became the military general purpose chopper. All these formidable aircraft and many more are covered in detail in this superbly illustrated with 250 color & black/white photos. 224 pages.

Casemate Books - Churchill Warrior (HB)
Brian Lavery. Churchill Warrior looks at how Churchill gained his unique insight into war strategy and administration, and the effect this had on his thinking and leadership. Each period (before, during and after the First World War, and in the Second World War) is divided into four parts (land, sea and air warfare, and combined operations). The conclusion deals with the effect of these experiences on his wartime leadership.
Written in Brian Lavery's acclaimed, insightful and anecdotal style, a grand narrative unfolds starting with the Marlborough toy soldiers and the army class at Eton, which then leads us through those early military and journalistic experiences, the fascinating trials and lessons of the First World War, the criticism and tenacity culminating in the ultimate triumph of the key events in the Second.
It explores how some of Churchill's earliest innovations were to bear fruit decades later, how his uncompromising, but uniquely informed hands on approach and his absolute belief in combined forces in Normandy led to a systemic victory against the odds. Illustrated with maps, 28 black/white and 5 color photos; 448 pages.

Frontline Books - The Royal Navy at Dunkirk (HB)
Martin Mace. The fact that the British Expeditionary Force was evacuated from Dunkirk in May-June 1940 has achieved the status of a legend. Whilst the part played by the 'Little Ships' in that miracle is equally well known, the role of the Royal Navy's warships, the destroyers, minesweepers and personnel ships is often overlooked. Indeed, more than 300,000 troops out of a total of 338,226, were evacuated from the harbor at Dunkirk in these vessels.
In the weeks after Operation Dynamo, the Admiralty issued an order requiring the Commanding Officers of those British warships involved to submit a report detailing their actions.
Described in their own words with the events still fresh in their minds the result is a vivid record of the chaos, improvisation, skill and bravery that all combined to rescue the basis of an army that helped carry Britain through the dark months and years that followed. It is a record that forms the basis of this book. Illustrated with 16 black/white photos;  448 pages.

Grub Street Publishing - Air Battle for Dunkirk 26 May - 3 June 1940 (SC)
Norman Franks. With the epic blockbuster film Dunkirk, to be released in July 2017, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring, amongst others, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance, this reissue has never been more timely. Where is the RAF?' was the oft-quoted question asked by soldiers waiting on the beach at Dunkirk, to where they had retreated following the German blitzkrieg through northern France, and where they were now being pounded by the Luftwaffe.
The air forces were there, as Norman Franks proves, detailing the outstanding achievements of the Allied pilots who fought, using outmoded tactics, against enemy pilots who had earlier had easy victories over the Polish, Dutch and Belgian air forces. The RAF's achievement reminds us just how close Britain came to disaster in June 1940. Illustrated with 50 black/white photos; 224 pages.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Meng Models 1/24 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon '10th Anniversary Edition'
Plastic model kit of the Jeep Wrangler, an indirect progression from the World War II Willys MB, is an outstanding icon of the civilian vehicles. In 2003, Jeep introduced the more powerful Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.
Kit has multi-part frame, interior with pre-colored seats in red (front bucket seats, full passenger seat, dash board, steering wheel, peddles and gears), optional doors, optional hardtop or soft top version, steerable front wheels and movable suspension, transmission, exhaust system, rubber tires plus spare and bracket, roll cage, transparent (windshields, windows, lights, turn signals, rearview mirror), reflective foil (Jeep emblem and side mirrors).
Molded in red, black and light blue.Decals and color reference for (2) Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - includes dash panel gauges.

Bandai 1/144 HG Gundam The Origin Series: #020 YMS11 Act Zaku (Kycilla's Forces)

First To Fight Models 1/72 WWII SdKfz 222 German Light Armored Tank

First To Fight Models 1/72 WWII SdKfz 221 German Light Armored Tank

Osprey Publishing - Air Campaign: Rolling Thunder 1965-68 Johnson's Air War over Vietnam
Operation Rolling Thunder was the campaign that was meant to keep South Vietnam secure, and dissuade the North from arming and supplying the Viet Cong. It pitted the world's strongest air forces against the MiGs and missiles of a small Soviet client state. But the US airmen who flew Rolling Thunder missions were crippled by a badly thought-out strategy, rampant political interference in operational matters, and aircraft optimised for Cold War nuclear strikes rather than conventional warfare.
Ironically, Rolling Thunder was one of the most influential episodes of the Cold War - its failure spurring the 1970s US renaissance in professionalism, fighter design, and combat pilot training. Dr Richard P. Hallion, one of America's most eminent air power experts, explains how Rolling Thunder was conceived and fought, and why it became shorthand for how not to fight an air campaign.

Osprey Publishing - Air Campaign: Malta 1940-42 The Axis' Air Battle for Mediterranean Supremacy
In 1940, the strategically vital island of Malta was Britain's last toehold in the central Mediterranean, wreaking havoc among Axis shipping. Launching an air campaign to knock Malta out of the war, first Italy and then Germany sought to force a surrender or reduce the defences enough to allow an invasion. Drawing on original documents, multilingual aviation analyst Ryan Noppen explains how technical and tactical problems caused the original Italian air campaign of 1940-41 to fail, and then how the German intervention came close to knocking Malta out of the war. Using stunning full colour artwork, this fascinating book explains why the attempt by the Axis powers to take the British colony of Malta ultimately failed.

Osprey Publishing - Campaign: The Kuban 1943 The Wehrmacht's Last Stand in the Caucasus
In the summer of 1942, the Wehrmacht invaded the Caucasus in order to overrun critical oil production facilities at Maikop, Grozny and Baku. However, the Red Army stopped the Germans short of their objectives and then launched a devastating winter counteroffensive that encircled them at Stalingrad. Consequently, Hitler grudgingly ordered an evacuation from the Caucasus, but ordered 17. Armee to fortify the Kuban bridgehead and hold it at all costs in order to leave open the possibility of future offensives. On the other side, the Soviet Stavka ordered the North Caucasus Front and the Black Sea Fleet to eliminate the Kuban bridgehead as soon as possible. The stage was set for a contest between an immovable object and an unstoppable force.
With the help of stunning specially commissioned artwork, this book tells the enthralling story of the impressive but strategically foolish German stand at Kuban, which tied down seven Soviet armies in a sideshow battle of attrition, which the Soviets dubbed ‘the Kuban meat grinder.'

Osprey Publishing - Vanguard: T90 Standard Tank The First Tank of the New Russia
In the wake of the T-72 tank's poor performance in the 1991 Gulf War, the Kremlin instructed the Russian tank industry to drop the discredited T-72 designation in favour of the T-90 Vladimir. The T-90 was in fact a further evolution of the T-72 family, but the name change represented an important break in Russian/Soviet tank design history. The T-90 has become the principal export tank of Russia, and is in service in large numbers in many countries including Algeria, India, and many of the former Soviet republics. Using detailed illustrations and full colour artwork, this book will also describe the evolution of the T-90s many failed successors including the little known Bokser, Molot, and T-95, as well as its likely successor, the new T-14 Armata, and the wide range of specialized vehicles based on the T-90 chassis such as the formidable Terminator tank support vehicle.

Osprey Publishing - Combat Aircraft: Savoia-Marchetti S79 Sparviero Bomber Units
Initially developed by Savoia-Marchetti as a transport, the aircraft had evolved into a dedicated medium bomber by the time the S.79-I made its combat debut in the Spanish Civil War in 1936. During World War 2, it became Italy's most successful bomber, and the most produced, with around 1370 built between 1936 and early 1944. Although initially hampered by poor tactics, the S.79 bomber crews nonetheless scored sunk a number of Allied vessels, and provided a constant threat to Allied sailors in the Mediterranean in the early stages of the war. In East Africa and the Red Sea the Sparvieri were the most modern bombers in-theatre, proving a challenge to RAF and SAAF biplane fighters.
Using specially commissioned full-colour artwork, first-hand accounts and historic photographs, this volume chronicles the history of the S.79's war in the Mediterranean, North African, Balkan, and East African theatres.

Osprey Publishing - Combat: Gebirgsjager vs Soviet Sailor Arctic Circle 1942-44
In 1941-44, Nazi Germany's Gebirgsjäger - elite mountain troops - clashed repeatedly with land-based units of the Soviet Navy during the mighty struggle on World War II's Eastern Front. Formed into naval infantry and naval rifle brigades, some 350,000 of Stalin's sailors would serve the Motherland on land, playing a key role in the defence of Moscow, Leningrad, and Sevastopol. The Gebirgsjäger, many among them veterans of victories in Norway and then Crete, would find their specialist skills to be at a premium in the harsh terrain and bitter weather encountered at the northern end of the front line. Operating many hundreds of miles north of Moscow, the two sides endured savage conditions as they fought one another inside the Arctic Circle.
Featuring archive photographs, specially commissioned artwork and expert analysis, this is the absorbing story of the men who fought and died in the struggle for the Soviet Union's northern flank at the height of World War II.

Osprey Publishing - Men at Arms: World War II Vichy French Security Troops
After the Fall of France in 1940, a new puppet state was set up in the south. Officially known as the French State, it is better known as Vichy France. This collaborationist Vichy regime's armed forces were more active and usually more numerous than German troops in the task of hunting down and crushing the maquis - the French Resistance guerrilla forces
This book will cover the organization and operations of Vichy French Security Forces, including: the new Vichy Police Nationale, particularly their Groupes Mobiles de Reserve, the Service d'Ordre Légionnaire , and the Milice Francaise, a ruthless anti-Resistance militia armed partly with British weapons captured from SOE airdrops. Fully illustrated throughout with contemporary photographs and commissioned artwork, it tells the story of Occupied France from the perspective of those who sought to keep it in German hands.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Abteilung 502 - Effect in Sci Fi Pigment Set (4 Colors) 20ml Bottles
This set offers the modeller the basic pigment colors that will prove essential in adding a realistic finish to any Scifi vehicle, dioramas and vignettes.
Included are:
ABTPF600 Rocket Exhaust.
ABTPF605 Graveyard Drift.
ABTPF606 Plasma Burnt.
ABTPF616 Marine Blue.

Abteilung 502 - Fantasy & Metallics Pigment Set (4 Colors) 20ml Bottles
This set offers the modeller an interesting selection of pigment colors that will prove an special finish for fantasy and metallic parts in any vehicle, or figure.
 Included are:
ABTPF607 Metallic Silver.
ABTPF611 Stainless Alloy.
ABTPF612 Brass.
ABTPF613 Cooper.

Abteilung 502 - Tracks & Lower Parts Pigment Set (4 Colors) 20ml Bottles
This set contains four basic pigment tones which are extremely useful for almost all tracks and lower parts finishes but also for the terrains.
Included are:
ABTP040 Burned Grease.
ABTP231 Gun Metal.
ABTP234 Rubbel Dust.
ABTP414 Track Rust.

Abteilung 502 - European Lands Pigment Set (4 Colors) 20ml Bottles
With this set, the modeller gets the four pigment tones that allow to create a variety of eart effects for any vehicle and terrain in Europe.
Included are:
ABTP028 Europe Dust.
ABTP034 Russian Earth.
ABTP060 Trench Earth.
ABTP415 Light European Earth.

Abteilung 502 - Desert & Sand Pigment Set (4 Colors) 20ml Bottles
This set contains four pigment tones which are extremely useful for almost all deserts, beaches and arid areas representations over vignetes, dioramas and, of course, vehicles.
Included are:
ABTP030 Beach Sand.
ABTP037 Gulf War Sand.
ABTP054 Alcaline Dust.
ABTP417 Desert Sand.

Abteilung 502 - Railroad Pigment Set (4 Colors) 20ml Bottles
This set offers the modeller the pigment colors that will prove essential in adding a realistic finish to any train and railroad treatment.
Included are:
ABTP023 Black Smoke.
ABTP039 Urban Industry Dirt.
ABTP235 Cargo Dust.
ABTP238 Brown Rust.

Abteilung 502 - Mastering Oils 1: Oil Painting Techniques for Military Vehicles
124 pages. Mastering Oils 1, Oil Painting Techniques on AFVs, is the first one of a master series dealing with all the techniques necessary to control oil painting. In this first one the master modeler Joaquín García Gázquez shows us how to use oils in the correct way; how to mix them, how to apply them, which tools are the best for handling them. All the possibilities regarding oils applied on armored fighting vehicles with step by step guides. A masterpiece which will be very useful for any modeler.
Follow along with Joaquín García Gázquez as he describes all the necessary techniques to master the kind of tools for applying, mixing, etc. Take your model to the next level and achieve extreme reality with this must-have guide to oil techniques.

Abteilung 502 - Damaged Weathered & Worn Models Magazine Issue 3
Abteilung502 introduce you the 3rd issue of Damaged, the magazine that has surprised many modellers, with a careful layout and great photos.
You can’t miss it!!. This is a multi-thematic modelling magazine, focus in techniques and weathered models.

AK Interactive - Modern Vehicles Vol.1: Little Warriors Techniques on 1/72 Scale Vehicles Book
94 pages. Assembly, detailing and painting of 1:72 scale vehicles.
A little gem. This unique book will show the modeler the secrets and tricks of building, detailing and painting small scale vehicles. The usual quality of AK publications at the service of the smallest scale.
The level of detail of the works and the photos will make us doubt many times of the scale but all this is 1:72.

ICM Models 1/24 American Model T 1913 Speedster Sports Car

ICM Models 1/24 SWAT Team Fighter #2 w/Shield

ICM Models 1/35 WWII German SdKfz 251/1 Ausf A Armoured Personnel Carrier

ICM Models 1/35 WWI Russian Maxim MG Team (2) w/MG, Weapons & Equipment

ICM Models 1/35 WWI Turkish Infantry 1915-1918 (4)

Model Collect 1/72 German WW2 E-50 Medium Panzer with 128mm Flak 40 Gun

Model Collect 1/72 German WW2 Waffentrager AUF E100 with Rheintochter R1 Missile

Model Collect 1/72 Fist of War German WW2 E75 Heavy Panzer

Model Collect 1/72 Fist of War German WW2 E-75 Ausf.Vierfugler Rheintochter R1

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ammo by Mig - The Weathering Magazine #22 - Basic
The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine devoted entirely to the painting and weathering techniques of scale models and figures. In this issue, we will focus on all basic techniques, tools, and materials used for modeling. We present you with a selection of articles focused on all the essential information every modeler should know and review. Although this edition is about basics, more experienced hobbyists will find answers to numerous questions, tips, and advice on how to make modeling more fun while improving our skills. We begin with the simplest assembly and decaling techniques, through articles describing the use of an airbrush, choosing the right brushes for specific tasks, determining the correct order of application, use of the primers, varnishes, metallics, and ending with more complex descriptions of painting and finishing methods.
And of course, much more… As always, this magazine explains with detailed “step by step” articles, how to perform every technique as illustrated through high quality photos and concise descriptions by some of the finest modelers in the world. Printed on high quality glossy paper, this useful issue of TWM is a collectible resource packed with useful techniques and inspiration.

Ammo by Mig - The Weathering Aircraft #8 Seaplanes
The Weathering Aircraft Magazine, your publication of choice entirely focused on painting and weathering techniques for aircraft models, launches its eighth issue. This time we focus in how to paint, weather, and mimic water effects on this unique class of aircraft, seaplanes. For this we will show you different techniques used to simulate chipped paint, salt residue, rust, and accumulations of dirt and algae. All types of paints and products are used: filters, washes, nature effects, pigments, chipping fluids... everything necessary to achieve a variety of different finishes. We even have an article devoted to representing water itself, an essential element that we must master when working with this type of plane. As always, this magazine explains with detailed “step by step” articles, how to create the details and effects of an operative seaplane as illustrated through high quality photos and concise descriptions by some of the finest modelers in the world.

Ammo by Mig - Modelling School: An Initiation to Aircraft Weathering
AMMO by Mig Jimenez is proud to publish Jamie Haggo's first modelling book.  Jamie is well known for his highly realistically weathered aircraft models and in this book he will show in step by step detail how he achieves his results.  The book covers basic building methods which will enhance the final model through cockpit painting and weathering to various base coat applications followed by loads of hints, tips and techniques on turning a clean looking model into a well weathered piece.  The final chapter describes in detail a stunning 1:32 Post Apocalyptic OV-10 Bronco utilising all the processes described in the book in order to produce a unique looking aircraft.
The book is aimed at both new modellers and experienced modellers looking to improve or just get that kick of inspiration; there's something for everyone in the packed 240 pages.
    Tools and products
    Airframe preparation
    Distressed paint camouflages and base coats
    Faded markings
    Metal chipping and distressed top coats
    Winter chipping, white wash
    Dirty top coats
    Battle damage
    Final weathering; dirty, oil, smoke, muck and grime
    Kittyhawk OV-10 Bronco "Death Punch"

Ammo by Mig - How to Paint with Acyrlics - AMMO Modeling Guide
Nowadays, water-based acrylic paints are the best option to paint our models. Thanks to their ease of use, cleaning, and mixing, water-based acrylics have become the paint of choice for modelers all over the world. Being non-toxic and odorless (unlike lacquers and enamels) they have been favored by modelers who are forced to share their space with children, pets, and other family members.  They are perfect to be used with the airbrush in enclosed spaces because they produce almost no vapors, dust, or smell whatever. Lacquers have gone out of favor among most modelers for a long time now, due to heavy restrictions in air shipping owing to their toxicity and flammability. Water-based acrylics are the paints of the present and the future, and will likely be the only paints available in model stores soon.
For these reasons, the AMMO team has produced this complete Acrylics guide containing all the tips and techniques necessary  for painting all genre of models, from figures and military vehicles to dioramas and aircraft. The book not only shows how to use the paints, but also explains proper use of auxiliary acrylic products, how to work with the airbrush, how to apply metallic colors, transparent colors and varnishes, and how to paint a model entirely with brushes. We explore the tools used as well as basic weathering techniques with non-toxic products.
If you already use AMMO acrylics, this book is the basic guide to get the most out of your paints; if you previously painted with lacquer colors, this comprehensive work will allow you to discover all the advantages and possibilities of this safe, non-toxic product, which will provide you with countless moments of enjoyment practicing your favorite hobby.   

Ammo by Mig - Camouflage Profile Guide - Sherman: The American Miracle
SHERMAN, the American Miracle. In this new AMMO publication, you will find all the necessary information required to paint and weather all your modeling projects involving this famous American-built tank. More than 180 color profiles grouped by war theaters will inspire you to build subjects with the most original and appealing versions and camouflage schemes. This book shows that against conventional wisdom, not all Sherman tanks were painted green. From color schemes that take us to the dusty and scorching sand of the North African desert, through the European battlefields, and ending with vehicles used in the Pacific Theater of Operations, this publication shows many original and rarely seen examples of WWII camouflage schemes.
There is an introductory chapter included that analyzes the different versions of the Sherman in an easy and comprehensive manner. Also included is a section that outlines the different colors used to paint each example used by a diverse range of armies throughout the course of the war. Whether you are passionate about this famed tank or are interested in Allied vehicles in general, you cannot miss this book. 

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Academy 1/144 MiG29 Fulcrum Fighter
Easy to assemble kit.
The Mikoyan MiG-29 is a fighter aircraft designed for the air superiority role in the Soviet Union. Developed in the 1970s by the Mikoyan design bureau, it entered service in 1983 and remains in use by the Russian Air Force as well as in many other nations. NATO's reporting name for the MiG-29 is "Fulcrum", which was unofficially used by Soviet pilots in service.

Academy 1/35 WWII German Panzer IV Ausf H Version Medium Tank
    WW II German Army medium tank
    Detailed Ausf. H mid production was made late in 1943
    Features 7.5cm KwK 40/L48 main gun and MG34 machine gun
    Assemble with or without side skirt
    Build with hatches open or closed
    Zimmerit coating decal included

Ammo by Mig - Paint Set - Sherman Tanks Vol 1: WW2 Commonwealth
Include 6 Acrylic colors:
    AMIG0061     BS 381c No.61 Light Stone. Widely used from 1940 to 1943 in North Africa and Italy
    AMIG0110     SCC 1 A. Camouflage color in use during 1941-42.
    AMIG0111     SCC 2. Standard base color during the 1942-44 period. Also used in 1941
    AMIG0112    SCC 15. Bronze green color used in monotone schemes since 1944
    AMIG0113     Khaki Green No.3. A common base color from 1939 until 1941, but also in use in 1942
    AMIG0217    BS 381c No.34 Dark Slate. Used as camouflage color from 1940 to 1943

Ammo by Mig - Paint Set - Sherman Tanks Vol 2: WW2 European Theater Of Operations
Include 6 Acrylic colors:
    AMIG0046     MATT BLACK
    AMIG0105     WASHABLE DUST (RAL 8000)

Ammo by Mig - Paint Set - Sherman Tanks Vol 3: WW2 US Marine Corps
Include 6 Acrylic colors:
    AMIG0046    MATT BLACK
    AMIG0135    CINNAMON
    AMIG0139    RED EARTH
    AMIG0915    Dark Green (BS 241)

Ammo by Mig - Paint Set - Bare Metal Aircraft Colors
Included colors:
A.MIG-0045    Gun Metal
A.MIG-0192    Polished Metal
A.MIG-0194    Matt Aluminium
A.MIG-0195    Silver

Ammo by Mig - Paint Set - Luftwaffe Desert Colors
Included colors:

Ammo by Mig - Paint Set - Su-35 Flanker-E Colors
Included colors:
    A.MIG-075 Stone Grey
    A.MIG-086 Blue (RAL 5019)
    A.MIG-249 Light Blue
    A.MIG-250 Night Blue Grey

Ammo by Mig - Jet Engines Colors & Weathering Set
Included colors:
    A.MIG-187 Jet Exhaust
    A.MIG-191 Steel
    A.MIG-192 Polished Metal
    A.MIG-045 Gun Metal
    A.MIG-1407 Engine Grime
    A.MIG-1008 Dark Wash

Ammo by Mig - Paint Brush & Tools Organizer
A useful bullet-shaped brush and tool organizer, perfectly sized for your workbench, provides access to your favorite modeling tools easily every time. The organizer features 25 storage slots with a 6mm diameter, 27 of 8mm and 7 of 11mm. This allows you to organize a wide range of necessary modeling items from blades and scissors to brushes and tools of various shapes and sizes. This laser-cut organizer ships unassembled, and is easily assembled with white glue (not included). The organizer has a symmetrical shape, enabling you to join two modules to create a larger storage unit. For example: one side for brushes reserved for acrylic paints and the other for those used with enamels and oils; or one section for brushes and the other for tools.
> Dimensions: 8 cm (depth) x 20,5 cm (width) x 10 cm (height)

Ammo by Mig - 5/0 Premium Marta Kolinsky Round Brush
The Premium Marta Kolinsky series of brushes by AMMO is made of the highest quality natural bristles, providing top of the line brushes to those modelers who demand a precision tool for precise work. Their resilience, shape retention, and color holding capacity makes the ideal brush for any modeling techniques and subjects. An essential tool for painting scale figures, accessories, or AFV interiors and aircraft cockpits.
Can be used for all types of modeling paints and products including acrylics, enamels, or oils. Perfect for techniques like glazes, blending and outlining in figures, general washes, pin washes, accenting panels, paint chipping, accessories, aircraft, and details and highlights in small scenes and dioramas.

Ammo by Mig - 2/0 Premium Marta Kolinsky Round Brush
The Premium Marta Kolinsky series of brushes by AMMO is made of the highest quality natural bristles, providing top of the line brushes to those modelers who demand a precision tool for precise work. Their resilience, shape retention, and color holding capacity makes the ideal brush for any modeling techniques and subjects. An essential tool for painting scale figures, accessories, or AFV interiors and aircraft cockpits.
Can be used for all types of modeling paints and products including acrylics, enamels, or oils. Perfect for techniques like glazes, blending and outlining in figures, general washes, pin washes, accenting panels, paint chipping, accessories, aircraft, and details and highlights in small scenes and dioramas.