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1/20 Ma.K Falke
« on: Tue Sep, 12, 2017, 01:15:AM »
This summer I've kind of gained a big interest in ships. Always been more of a robot guy. I got this one for my Bday a couple of months ago and i'm itching to really focus on it. I'm trying to finish a gundam kit for the GBWC contest next month, but i keep messing with this. So far i've done some fitting, and have been playing around with some lighting. I have this resin figure i picked up on ebay, i like it more than the regular pilot.

Lighting video:

There's a big engine on the back, but i thought it might be a cool idea to have it look like there's a little light flickering/combustion going on in there. Did a quick code and some lighting, but if i go forward with this, i'll switch to fiber and/or lower the lighting so its more subtle.

Open to feedback.