Author Topic: Bandai Star Wars kits and solvents.  (Read 3252 times)

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Re: Bandai Star Wars kits and solvents.
« Reply #30 on: Mon Apr, 10, 2017, 03:03:AM »
I have used lacquer paints on Bandia's polycaps with no issues.  In fact they will stick to the poly cap material and won't flake off.   

But I am NOT soaking the parts in it, just painting it on and letting it cure.

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Re: Bandai Star Wars kits and solvents.
« Reply #31 on: Sun May, 14, 2017, 10:13:PM »

  Happy Mother's Day   ;D

   --  so here's something  :

          Don't know what actually happened here   --  solvent related or not .
   I never liked oils because of the spirits and the long dry-times  ,,  and I'm pretty sure I can do it all with acrylic .
     Last September I got a hold of a couple of the water-mixable oils to weather the Ma.K Giraffe build  ,,  see if coolness was available    ???
     Have no complaint with the paint   ---It's limited to this one build   ,, and the initial application at that ,
               BUT  -
   The things been sitting still since then so I don't know how the joints could have been that stressed .
        That construction joint puts that styrene under stress by design   --  for friction ,,, nothing sizeable   ???
        Hasegawa plastic    ---     the un-coated one in the pic  ( for the Reiher )  looks pretty solid .

          Look see  -

       The other one broke at about those red lines  ,   and then the lower pieces broke away


   --  I didn't use additional mineral spirits   ( kinda defeats the whole point   ;D  )
             That paint mixes straight away with water

                               ??? ??? :P

         I'm sticking with acrylics